Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay Assignment Paper

Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay Assignment Paper

Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay Assignment Paper

a. Individual

A person with dementia faces a number of different challenges. Apart from the most well known effect of the disease which is gradual memory loss, the most basic of things and or activities are difficult for them to perform. Dementia affects a person’s mental and physical abilities thus manifesting in a demented person’s inability to perform activities of daily living in an effective and efficient fashion. Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay PaperDementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay

Apart from this, a person with dementia also has difficulty with communication. They are not able to effectively communicate what they want to say which often results to frustration and fits of aggressiveness. Furthermore, this also results to poor social interaction with others. They are not able to carry meaningful conversations and they may feel that they are often misunderstood which isolates them and withdraws them from the things which they used to enjoy doing. They may also manifest various behavior changes which they are not aware of. Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay Paper

b. The family/whanau

Taking care of a dementia person is very difficult- especially if they are your family member. The care and support they need will be permanent which means that it may cause various financial problems for the family. In the later stages of dementia, the client will need professional support which will need more finances from the family.

Also, the client will need constant attention and support which may cause stress on the part of the family. They may lose their social life because their time is eaten up by their responsibilities with taking care of the client. Family members may neglect themselves and this may cause various health problems for them. They will be under so much stress and this may most likely lead to burn out. Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay PaperDementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay

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c. The carers

The carers face a very challenging task when taking care of a dementia client. They have to make sure that the client is watched over constantly, that the medications are given on time and they also have to consider a lot of safety measures because dementia clients tend to wander throughout the day. Furthermore, taking care of a dementia client is a long term task; thus, this may also lead to high levels of stress and eventually burn out for the carers. Dementia clients may exhibit challenging behaviors and this may frustrate carers.

3.2 A The progression/development of the signs and symptoms (conditions/disease pathway) associated with the specific group chosen.

Dementia is not a specific disease. It is a term used for an overall term used for a wide variety of symptoms which are all associated to a progressive loss of memory and or cognitive skills which to an extent affects a person’s ability to perform normal everyday tasks. This disease is caused by damage in the brain. The slow and ongoing damage to the brain is caused by a build-up of abnormal proteins in the brain. This abnormal build-up is different for various types of dementia. Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay Paper

Symptoms of dementia usually start slow and gradually get worse which are evident in varying stages of the disease- mild, moderate, severe. At differing extent, clients with dementia experience a progressive deterioration in their cognitive function– to include their memory, cognition, communication and judgment.

3.3.ADementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay

– In your own words discuss the way in which the impairment impacts on the diverse dynamics of the family/whanau

A dementia client’s family often faces various difficulties. The impairment affects the family dynamics due to the difficulty of looking after a demented member. They will face financial constraints because they would have to pay for medications and support which the client needs. This task also involves a lot of physical efforts, thus it may lead to high levels of stress and burnout. Family activities may be disrupted and the member’s social life may be affected because their time will be greatly focused on looking after their family member with dementia. Furthermore, the stress of role reversal is also present- the children who were once taken cared of by their parents now have to step up to the role and take care of them.Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay Paper

– The way in which the individual, family/whanau and carers interact and respond to evolving stressors

a. Individual

The client will exhibit more challenging behaviors which may affect their safety. Their forgetfulness may progress and worsen. They may also have more episodes of aggression due to increased frustration from their current situation. They may be irritable throughout the day and be more difficult to handle them. The high levels of stress may also worsen their difficulty in communicating with others. They may find it harder to express their emotions and needs.

b. Family/whanau

Family members may feel higher levels of stress which may lead to burn out. They may feel that the responsibility is too much for them to handle. Family members may seek the help of other relatives or carers in handling the client. They may experience high anxiety and not be willing to engage in social activities with others.Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay Paper

c. Carers

The clients may exhibit more challenging behaviors which mean that the task at hand for the carers become more difficult. They will be under higher levels of stress and anxiety. As a result, they may feel burn out and may need some time off from work. Furthermore, they may also seek the help of their other colleagues to handle the client.

– The way in which the Code of Rights is applied to the specific group of people selected

a. Right to be treated with respect- Even if the client is suffering from dementia, he still has to be treated with respect because he is a human being. Carers must always provide privacy when doing their cares and their choices must also be given proper importance.

b. Right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment and exploitation- Clients should be treated equally. No matter their race or gender, they should receive equal care and support from their carers. They should also not be coerced to do things which are out of their will. For example, if the client refuses to shower, he must not be given false promises just to comply. Measures should always be taken to make sure that their dignity is maintained at all times. Privacy is very important when doing cares.Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay Paper

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c. Right to effective communication- It may be difficult to communicate with a client with dementia but it is their right to be communicated to in an effective manner. It is the duty of the carers to make sure that effective ways to communicate with the client is adapted and used when dealing with them. This ensures that their needs and concerns are acknowledged. For example, if the client is slow in picking up things which are said to them, the carer should talk slowly and clearly and if needed, repeat what they are saying to make sure that the client has understood.

d. Right to support- Clients have the right to be visited by their families for support. It is actually a big help to them if they are constantly around people who they trust. Families should be permitted to visit the client openly. Contact numbers of family members should be available in order to easily contact them when the client wants to see them.

e. Right to services of an appropriate standard- Facilities which house dementia clients must provide the appropriate services which they need. The carers must be trained to handle these types of clients to ensure that the care delivered is appropriate and beneficial. Proper equipment should also be used for clients according to their different needs. For example, if a dementia client needs a walker or a hoist for transfers, carers must make sure that these are used and available for them.Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay Paper

-The needs (support and other) which you have identified for the specific group of people selected.

People with dementia have a number of different needs. Some of which are the following:

  • Speech and language therapist- to help them in their communicating difficulties.
  • They also need support in doing various activities of daily living such as getting dressed, taking a bath and eating because they often cannot do these themselves. However, it is also important to allow them to do things which they can do for themselves.
  • Occupational therapist to help and encourage them in participating in various activities which helps them improve their social skills.
  • They should also be assisted in engaging in meaningful and positive interaction with other people/residents.
  • Support must also be focused on helping clients maintain their quality of life.Dementia: Impact of and Support Needs Essay Paper
  • Medication management is also important to help control some symptoms or effects of the disease to worsen such as episodes of aggression/anxiety.
  • Their family and carers should also be aware of the support available to them. This can be done by awareness programs and other types of educational support.
  • The people handling them should also be aware of the importance of constant check-ups with their respective doctors in order to be aware of the progression of the disease.

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