The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay Assignment Paper

The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay Assignment Paper

The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay Assignment Paper

Collaboration and teamwork spirit in classrooms sat a stage or reminded me that everyone, including my co-workers makes the work successful.
Prior to my internship, I learned from Professor Farida Shark that our communication linear should go beyond Patient-Centered communication factor and that, including responding to emotions, exchanging information, making a decision, fostering. These concepts helped me explore the psychometric qualities of a different scenario in my daily-life communication, especially patients with different diagnostics. In fact, through an efficient communication, I was able to understand how a health care leader can withstand the system (market) environment. In the Strategic Management of Healthcare Organization class, I learned interesting Theories that underlying ideas in clear, precise and concise way. One theory is that communicating raises the equivocal in sender and receiver regardless between individual or in organizational culture and networks. This can be assumptions, values, norms, and behavior. Second, through the mission statement of organizations such as healthcare effective communication is a better way of connecting the organization with the external environment (Ginter et al. , 2013). Reading different organizations’ mission statements, I understand that purpose through mission statement delivers organization current state and forecast strategies to meet the goal; this is also a better way of marketing. In addition, Professor Vahidy Tamina extrapolates that the central elements of a mission statement are stakeholders, provider, development, patient (customer) and the environment.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

With the ever-increasing competition and changing business environments, proper planning and setting of achievable strategic goals have become an integral part of all organizations, as they are two of the primary determinants of an organization’s level of productivity.

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In addition, these factors are also important when it comes to defining an organization’s purpose and business direction that meant to ensure that an organization improves its profit and expands its market segment.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

Although sometimes because of the ever-changing economic conditions it may be very hard to predict any changes that are likely to occur in the course of business, it is important for managers to be always prepared to challenge the status quo and put in place necessary systems to facilitate the delivery of desired outcomes.

On the other hand, it is crucial for managers to formulate plans and set goals that are not only executable, but also viable, as this is one of the primary ways of ensuring an organizations business operations are connected and aligned.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

Therefore, in any organizational setting proper strategic planning and setting desirable goals are the two primary factors that determine a health care management organization level of goal attainment.

Importance of goal setting and strategic planning to productivity
Regardless of any prevailing business condition, every organization has the capacity to perform and achieve its strategic goals, so long as such an organization aligns its strategic goals with its activities.

Therefore goal setting should be one of the primary activities that an organization should do with uttermost care. Goal setting can help to define the parameters that an organization should put in place to achieve an end goal.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

Without goals, it is very hard for a team to formulate other plans or to seek any financial aid, as this will be seen of lack of direction. Setting of goals can also act as a motivating factor towards achieving an end goal, because different have set targets, which they must achieve; hence, to avoid being defeated by other teams, they will always remain motivated towards achieving their goals.

Further, goals give teams something to look forward to, as goals are aims that must be achieved, regardless of the prevailing conditions and challenges. Most teams with set goals have a tendency to utilize their time productively; because they know any failure to achieve such goals will not only be a failure in their part, but also to an organization that they pledged to help achieve its mandate (Lawhorne, 2008, p.1).The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

In addition to setting of achievable goals, strategic planning is another important strategy of increasing the level and quality of work output. With the ever-increasing scarcity of resources and competition in most business scenarios, it is important for an organization to formulate appropriate strategic plans, as they are the first step in any goal setting endeavor aimed at increasing productivity.

Productivity improvement is a crucial part of strategic planning, as this one of the primary gateways to increased profits and meeting of scheduled targets.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

Strategic planning is primarily concerned with an organization’s long term goals and the ability of an organization to utilize the available resources to maximize production. Therefore, strategic planning aids in the development of better managerial and working decisions that are coupled with increased energy and capacity to improve customer satisfaction.

Moreover, strategic planning will give an organization some competitive advantage over other organizations, as it provides an organization with better solutions to any emerging business and operational challenges (Lawlor, 2006, pp. 1-2 and Kerzner & Rea, 1997, pp. 264-265).The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

In conclusion, regardless of the prevailing economic condition, the level of productivity of any healthcare organization will primarily be determined by two primary factors in an organization; these are setting of appropriate goals and formulating appropriate strategic plans.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

The role of strategic management in health care institutions is to set objectives and measure the success. The strategic management enables measurement of progress in an organization. The process acts as a platform that directs the organization forward (Muller, Bezuidenhout & Jooste, 2006). Second, strategic management decisions and actions play a critical role in determining long-term performances of a healthcare organization. A health care organization that employs strategic management processes experience a successful spell compared to those without (Hunger, Wheelen, Hoffman & Bamford, 2015). Besides, a health care institution does not only benefit from the outcome produced from strategic management process but from the process itself. Due to the dynamic natures of the environment, the flexibility of the strategic management allows healthcare organizations to respond to unpredictable changes that they might encounter. Third, with a strategic management, healthcare institutions can take advantage of the available opportunities that provide resources, clear purpose, and commitment. Similarly, strategic management helps healthcare institutions to overcome challenges and successfully maintain an efficient business operation in the long-run.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

Importance of Strategic Management in Healthcare
Strategic management entails the coming up with a mission and vision for an organization. It deals with the strategic planning of activities and initiatives so that they are in line with the goals and objectives of the organisation. Strategic management largely involves the understanding of the cultural, political and demographic changes that affect the functions of a given organisation. These changes are both those experienced locally as internationally that affect the organisation in the long run.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

Health care is an ever changing entity of the world. By not realizing this and not having a plan for the future is setting up for disaster. By not having a road map to follow, this hospital and any other organization without a plan will end up off course and on a road to failure. Strategic planning is the vehicle that will enable this hospital to steer itself into the future and dictate where it lands. By using strategic planning, the hospital can build a map that can lead it out of 1970 and give it the flexibility to face the future (Zuckerman, 2005). That plan will unite the hospital under common goals and ideals, leading to better communication throughout the organization. What better way to involve employees in the growth and future of this hospital than to involve them in planning for it? By encouraging the planning process with an open mind, one would be encouraging this hospital as a whole to welcome the future with open arms and evolve from the past.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

In order to be a successful business of any kind, those that run it must know where it is going, in order to get there; strategic planning is the way to make that happen. Opening doors in 1970, without a plan for the future only makes a plan more necessary today. Health care is an ever changing, ever growing “business” that if one does not have a plan; one will drown in the future. To be successful one needs to know the purpose and rules of the “game”, the strengths and weaknesses of the “crew”, and be well-conditioned and prepared for what is to come (Bryson, 1988). If the hospital is able to plan, unite, and conquer; the future will be successful. Strategic thought and action are important to the viability and the effectiveness of any agency.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

Organisations that are in the healthcare business like any other organisation need strategic management. This is because, regardless of the kind of initiatives a given organisation does, they must have a mission, vision, goals and objectives. Without clearly stating these factors, the organisation may find itself being irrelevant. Lack of or poor planning of an organisation that deals with healthcare will cause the organisation to become ineffective in its product and service delivery.The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

In the healthcare sector, strategic planning entails coming up with long term and short term initiatives that are aimed at meeting the organisations’ goals and objectives. These functions are usually privy to the executive members of an organisation.

In a sense, healthcare facilities are also businesses. They are in the business of helping people but not for free. Proofreading-EditingAlthough they may be rather unique, the hospital still faces challenges like any other business. They also have a market to grab a share of. For high end health facilities have defined a certain niche to whom they have designed their products and services. to achieve their desired end, they must apply strategic management techniques in their plans. The Strategic Management Of Healthcare Organization Essay

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