Staying Healthy and Fit During This Festive Season Essay Assignment Paper

Staying Healthy and Fit During This Festive Season Essay Assignment Paper

Staying Healthy and Fit During This Festive Season Essay Assignment Paper

This time of the year marks the beginning of festivities and celebrations, and along come a lot of preparations for the parties and events to shine brighter in the crowd. The moment we think of festivals, one thing that comes to mind is how to look our best—be it taking special care for skin, hair or body; everyone wants to look perfect at the cost of putting some extra effort and incorporating some extra maintenance routine to their health and beauty regimen. While the city is getting all prepped up and the festive air has already started imbuing our mind, we just can’t wait to unfold the gamut of grandeur and gaiety the festivities have to offer. So, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you some health tips for you to look your best during Diwali and the coming festivals you celebrate. Staying Healthy and Fit During This Festive Season Essay

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Add fruits and vegetables: Fruits and veggies contain fiber, minerals and vitamins, high antioxidants, and are low in fat. This helps in keeping your bowels healthy, makes your skin glow and keeps your calories in check. Including vegetables like carrot, amla, lemon, spinach, tomato in your diet help you get a glowing skin as they increase collagen production, tone up skin tissues, flush out toxins, and bring back the luster and sheen. Fruits and veggies high in vitamins B and C increase your energy level and immunity. Besides, the more varied and colorful vegetables you include in your diet, the more assorted nutrients and antioxidants you get.Staying Healthy and Fit During This Festive Season Essay

Cleanse your system: Start your day with a lime squeezed in a glass of lukewarm water. Add a spoon of honey in it and drink up the first thing in the morning. Hot water flushes toxins out of the body, keeps your system clean, accelerates fat burning process and gives you a glowing skin. Green tea is another drink that is full of anti-oxidants and helps in detoxifying the system. Drinking more water throughout the day helps your system cleanse the toxins. You can also have fruit and vegetable juice or smoothies to compensate your nutrient deficit.

Don’t skip your workouts: As cliché as it sounds, it makes a difference. Regular exercise helps improves blood circulation, digestion, reduces tension, flushes out toxins, conditions your body, lubricates joints, and strengthens your body. If for any reason you don’t want to go for your workout, stick to yoga. If you are not a core workout person, go for a brisk walk in the morning for an hour.Staying Healthy and Fit During This Festive Season Essay

Eat and drink moderately: We know how difficult it gets when the entire family and friends take special interest in going out for dinner and explore the new menu introduced by the eateries especially for this festive season. However, try avoiding deep fried and spicy foods as these can cause indigestion, pimple breakouts, and skin rashes. If you are planning to drink alcohol, drink moderately as too much can make you feel dehydrated, cause hangover which can spoil your plan for the next day. It gets difficult during festivals to avoid high caloric and sugary sweets and drinks too; try to keep the amount minimal as this can lead to weight gain.

Let your skin breathe: We understand your love for make-up but do remember that your skin needs love too! To make your skin ooze out the sheen, look supple and dewy—go an extra mile to clean your face before you retire to bed. Follow the cleaning-toning-moisturizing routine daily to help your skin breathe and stay glamorous. Exfoliate your skin twice a week to remove dead cells and reveal your inner glow.

Catch your sleep: Outing with friends, dinner with family, late night gatherings and much more will keep you occupied this festive season, we know. It gets difficult to turn down one’s request for a booze party during this time. But, among this hullaballoo of festivities, make sure you create a balance between recreations and rest. Try to catch 7-8 hours of sleep to wake up refreshed and recharged the next day.Staying Healthy and Fit During This Festive Season Essay

Last but not the least; don’t forget to wear your smile!: It’s festive season! The cities are tarted up with the best of decorations, festive emotions and happy pictures.  Let your happiness be the reason for many to smile back with utmost pleasure, because your smile is the best accessory that can perk up even the drabbest situations.

So, pretty ladies and gentlemen, get ready to celebrate the festivals whole heartedly and leave no stones unturned to get drenched into the magical vibes that seep into your souls through the richness, grandeur, fun and frolic of these celebrations. We know how excited you are to put on those stunning designer wears and high heels or the traditional kurta pajama and designer blazers you bought to hog the limelight. So, we too shout out, “Go guys, just rock the party!  But remember to stay healthy and fit.” Staying Healthy and Fit During This Festive Season Essay

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