Pediatric Nutritional & Developmental Assessment Essay Assignment Paper

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Pediatric Nutritional & Developmental Assessment Essay Assignment Paper

Pediatric Nutritional & Developmental Assessment

The student will assess an infant or pre-school aged child to obtain information on their nutritional status, growth and development. For this assessment it is not necessary to obtain a complete health history or to perform a physical examination. Obtain assessment information for the elements specified below. Note that while most of the information will be obtained from the parent, you can also obtain information from the child as appropriate. Be sure to read through these instructions prior to your assessment visit, as you will need to run off some material before your assessment.


Begin the paper by providing a short paragraph introducing the paper as well as the child you are using for your subject. Include general information such as gender, age, and number of siblings. Also include the date and location of the assessment. You will also need to obtain the date-of-birth of the child, which will be used later in this paper. Assure the parent that none of this identifying information (their name, DOB, etc.) will be included in your paper.

Nutritional Assessment:

· Obtain information on the diet from the parent and/or child:

· Typical number of meals/day; number of snacks/day

· Food preferences: what foods does the child prefer? What types do they like least or will not eat at all?

· Any digestive problems: indigestion, constipation, vomiting, bloating

· Any food allergies?

· How would the parent rate/describe their usual appetite?

· Any recent weight changes?

· Does the child take vitamins or other dietary supplements?

· Does the parent have any concerns or questions about the child’s eating habits?

· Perform a 24-hour food recall of all meals and snacks; (you may tell the parent about this ahead of time so that they can have this ready, or obtain it that day). Try to obtain specific information, such as how large the serving was of the various foods. Would the parent consider this a typical day with regards to food intake?

· Using the 24-hour food recall, determine the number of servings consumed in the following groups:

· Breads/grains

· Vegetables

· Fruits

· Milk/dairy

· Meats/beans

· Fats and sugars

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