Nursing Competence Critical Thinking Essay Assignment Paper

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Nursing Competence Critical Thinking Essay Assignment Paper

Assignment: Nursing Competence Critical

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Written Assignment 2: Critical Thinking
Purpose and Overview
In this assignment, you will document a recent clinical experience that demonstrates the use of critical thinking skills and evidence-based practice.

In Rubenfeld and Scheffer (2015) Box 2-6, examine Words to Describe Critical Thinking. Notice there are two types of descriptors: Critical Thinking Skills and Habits of the Mind. You will use these descriptors to analyze a clinical experience from your practice.
Read the following scenarios in chapter 1 of Rubenfeld and Scheffer (2015):
Page 10, scenario 1-1: Mr. Stone
Page 12, scenario 1-2: Juan’s Home Visit
Page 21, scenario 1-3: Modeling CT
Ponder the discussions that identify the critical thinking skills/habits employed.
After reviewing the above, using APA format and college-level grammar, complete the following:
Document a clinical experience that demonstrates your critical thinking skills.
Describe your critical thinking skills and habits of the mind using language from Words to Describe Critical Thinking in chapter 2, box 2.6 pages 41-44.
Describe your interventions, and evaluate their effectiveness.
Identify which factors contributed to your selection of these interventions.
Identify whether the interventions were based on prior knowledge, current standards of practice, and/or research.
Discuss how your use of critical thinking skills was important to you and/or your patient in the scenario.
Use the Critical Thinking APA templatefor this paper.
Name your file correctly (e.g., NUR-445 Final Analysis Paper Smith).

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