Neurotransmitters and Receptor Theory Essay Assignment Paper

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Neurotransmitters and Receptor Theory Essay Assignment Paper

Week 2: Neurotransmitters and Receptor Theory Receptors and neurotransmitters are like a lock-and-key system. Just as it takes the right key to open a specific lock, it takes the right neurotransmitter to bind to a specific receptor. Not surprisingly, as it concerns psychopharmacology, the pharmacotherapeutics that are prescribed must trigger the release of certain neurotransmitters that bind to the correct receptors in order to elicit a favorable response for the patient. The mechanism of this binding and the response that follows reflects receptor theory and lies at the foundation of pharmacology. This week, you will continue your examination of neuroanatomy and neuroscience as you engage with you colleagues in a Discussion. Neurotransmitters and Receptor Theory Essay. You will also explore the potential impacts of foundational neuroscience on the prescription of pharmacotherapeutics. Learning Objectives Students will: Analyze the agonist-to-antagonist spectrum of action of psychopharmacologic agents Compare the actions of g couple proteins to ion gated channels Analyze the role of epigenetics in pharmacologic action Analyze the impact of foundational neuroscience on the prescription of medications Learning Resources Required Readings (click to expand/reduce) Camprodon, J. A., & Roffman, J. L. (2016). Psychiatric neuroscience: Incorporating pathophysiology into clinical case formulation. In T. A. Stern, M. Favo, T. E. Wilens, & J. F. Rosenbaum. (Eds.), Massachusetts General Hospital psychopharmacology and neurotherapeutics (pp. 1–19). Elsevier. Required Media (click to expand/reduce) The University of British Columbia. (n. d.). Neuroanatomy videos. Note: Please review all of the media under the neuroanatomy series.Neurotransmitters and Receptor Theory Essay. Optional Resources (click to expand/reduce) Pathopharmacology: Disorders of the Nervous System: Exploring the Human Brain Dr. Norbert Myslinski reviews the structure and function of the human brain. Using human brains, he examines and illustrates the development of the brain and areas impacted by disorders associated with the brain. (15m) Accessible player Introduction to Advanced Pharmacology In this media presentation, Dr. Terry Buttaro, associate professor of practice at Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences, discusses the importance of pharmacology for the advanced practice nurse. (6m) Accessible player Discussion: Foundational Neuroscience As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, it is essential for you to have a strong background in foundational neuroscience. In order to diagnose and treat patients, you must not only understand the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders but also how medications for these disorders impact the central nervous system. These concepts of foundational neuroscience can be challenging to understand. Therefore, this Discussion is designed to encourage you to think through these concepts, develop a rationale for your thinking, and deepen your understanding by interacting with your colleagues. Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cultura RF For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources and reflect on the concepts of foundational neuroscience as they might apply to your role as the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in prescribing medications for patients. By Day 3 of Week 2 Post a response to each of the following: Explain the agonist-to-antagonist spectrum of action of psychopharmacologic agents, including how partial and inverse agonist functionality may impact the efficacy of psychopharmacologic treatments. Compare and contrast the actions of g couple proteins and ion gated channels. Explain how the role of epigenetics may contribute to pharmacologic action. Explain how this information may impact the way you prescribe medications to patients. Include a specific example of a situation or case with a patient in which the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner must be aware of the medication’s action. Must add on refrences Required Textbook (must purchase): Stern, T. A., Favo, M., Wilens, T. E., & Rosenbaum, J. F. (2016). Massachusetts General Hospital psychopharmacology and neurotherapeutics. Elsevier. Primary and Secondary Sources Review the following information prior to selecting resources for assignments. Primary: A primary source is an original document that is the first account of what happened. A research report is primary, and you can tell because it includes materials and methods demonstrating how the research was done. Some creative work is also primary, such as poetry, novels, and interviews of people who experienced something firsthand. In nursing, which is an evidence-based discipline, we strive to use primary research that is published in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. Scholarly, peer-reviewed journal: Scholarly journals publish papers by professional authors and experts in the field using a peer-review process to review the work and assure quality before publishing. Neurotransmitters and Receptor Theory Essay. The focus of a scholarly journal is to provide accurate information for scholars and other researchers. The focus is on content rather than advertising, a direct contrast to popular media. Scholarly journals publish both primary and secondary papers, the former usually is noted as original research and the latter as reviews and commentaries. Letters to the editor may also be published but should be recognized as opinion pieces. Note: When selecting articles for course assignments, you are advised (unless you are referencing seminal information) to focus on work published within the past 5 years. Secondary: A secondary source is one step removed from the original source. This work interprets and often compiles other work, and it includes review articles, textbooks, fact sheets, and commentaries about a topic. It also includes news reports of original research. Secondary work is more prone to error and bias than primary work because it is being filtered through an additional person or persons. Review papers can be useful to glean information about a topic and to find other sources from the reference list, but it is the original, primary research that should be relied on most heavily in demonstrating scholarship, depth, and validation of factual information. MUST Dos 1.}use primary research that is published in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. 2.} When selecting articles for course assignments, you are advised (unless you are referencing seminal information) to focus on work published within the past 5 years. Neurotransmitters and Receptor Theory Essay

In a full agonist, the receptor site is permitted to fully open up an ion channel that behaves similarly to its complementary binding site, thereby causing significant transduction applicable in a specific binding state(Paoletti, Ellis-Davies&Mourot, 2019). More so, the ion channel can open more frequently than while in a full agonist only, but it needs the second receptor site’s assistance. The antagonist results in stabilization with the receptor sites incase the agonist is not initiated. Therefore, since there are no observable changes when the antagonist is present or not, it is referred to as silent or neutral.

In comparison, the g couple proteins are categorized as the largest protein unit comprising600-1000 members. More so, the protein family is characterized by having linkages to a lot of normal biological and pathological status. On the other hand, ion gate channels are composed of pore on the cellular membrane that permits the exchange of ions to per in and out of the cell(Vanuytselet al., 2019).


In addition, drug such as amlodipine perform as ion gate channel while atropine medication has action on the G-protein receptors. Both drugs have different mechanism of action depending on the intended purpose. For instance, amlodipine’smechanism of action act as an angioselective calcium channel blocker that inhibits movement of calcium ions in to vascular smooth muscles. Alternatively, atropine medicine inhibits muscarinic actions of acetylcholine on smooth muscles that respond to endogenous acetylcholine although not innervated. In this case, a PMHNPwill utilize use of such drugs by giving patient adequate information about the drug and avoid drug abuse.

Epigenetics refers to a system representation of gene expression in an individual gene presentation without altering the personal genome’s sequence. Still, epigenetics goes to an extra step in genetics to determinewhether a specific gene is made of unique protein and RNA or it might just be left in silence or ignored(Stern, Favo, Wilens& Rosenbaum,2016). Besides, epigenetics has a role in ensuring that the genomic makeup of protein is reflected similarly within all cells of the body and the neurons.

Neuroscience is an essential element in medicine prescription that explains how the drug interact with the function of the drugs and the operating in the nervous system.However, foundation neuroscience enablesmedics to give an exact drug prescription about its side effects and the how-to take without abuse. Also, the professional knowledge provides a patient with the probable does and don’ts that might alter the drug effectiveness.Neurotransmitters and Receptor Theory Essay


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