Between Career & Professional Service Essay Assignment Paper

Between Career & Professional Service Essay Assignment Paper

Between Career & Professional Service Essay Assignment Paper

My name is Gao renfang, I am 21 years old. I was born in south of China, Hefei city , Anhui province. I have double degree in my university, there are MBA and aviation service, When I was young, I was very interested in management , especially Hospitality Management. And I was a exchange student in the University of central Arkansas for half a year when i was in junior . I like the education of America and I want have more experience of studying in US, So I made a big decision, I decided to go to US to pursue the master degree. And I also decided to study MBA .Between Career & Professional Service Essay

This is my first semester in GSW, although it was difficult to understand class but I will try my best and more hard work. After finishing my MBA studies, I plan to study Hospitality Management for another master degree about a year and half. When i got this two degree, i will go back to China, maybe Beijing or Hongkang and work in an hotel. Beijing is a international city, there have advanced hotel management skill, maybe, I will find a mid-sized hotel in Beijing first, I can’t be an manager recently, because I just a graduate. After this period of working experience, I will find a big international hotel to be a manager, I am a leader of a big group, and use my knowledge and work experience to help the hotel more famous and get more profit. At that time , I will achieve my dream. I know I will meet a lots of difficulties during my whole plan, but I don’t worry about it, opportunities always for people who have lot of preparation, I believe that I have the ability to be a manager of a big hotel. So I just should study hard here, get experience,and know more about successful management and hotel skill.Between Career & Professional Service Essay

Important Values


There are probably as many definitions of intelligence. however, intelligence is the ability to learn about, learn from, understand, and interact with one’s environment. This general ability consists of a number of specific abilities, which include these specific abilities:

Adaptability to a new environment or to changes in the current environment

Capacity for knowledge and the ability to acquire it

Capacity for reason and abstract thought

Ability to comprehend relationships

Ability to evaluate and judge

Intelligence is positively related to leadership. lenders tend to have higher intelligence than nonleaders. having strong verbal ability, perceptual ability, and reasoning appears to make one a better leader. In my opinion, leader’s intellectual ability should not differ to much from that of the subordinates. Leaders with higher abilities may have difficulty communicating with followers. So I think if I am intelligent, I can handle everything, I have the ability to adaptability to a new environment , and life will become easily.Between Career & Professional Service Essay

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Confidence is a feeling-an inner fire and an outer radiance, a basic satisfaction with what one is plus a reaching out to become more Confidence is not something a few people are born with and others are not, for it is an acquired characteristic. Self-confident is the ability to be certain about one’s competencies and skill. It includes a sense of self-esteem and self-assurance and the belief that one can make a difference. To me self-confident is a personal weakness of my, I’m that kind of person who don’t have self-confidence, actually, I don’t like the presentation before, I’m afraid of speaking in front of many people, I can feel of my shake. I still remember i have a interview when I was a freshman. Just introduced myself and answer some questions, but I’m not very confident. After year later, I’m the leader of this group. I think improve self-confidence need time, get more experiences from work. As a leader, listen to your follower, and make a right decision. So here are ways to build self-confidence. self-confidence need Recognize your insecurities, Talk about it with friends and loved ones, then Bounce back from your mistakes, Identify your successes, and don’t forget to thankful for what you be have. In addition I think the most important is to be positive, even if you don’t feel the same way, next accept compliments gracefully, every morning Look in the mirror and smile , and Help others . To be confidence person will help you success in your career. Just enjoy the feeling of confidence.


Sociability is a important trait for people .General speaking, people who don’t have sociability means don’t have pleasant social relationships, and you can’t do well on work and make friends. It is study shows that people who have sociability are always successful and it is good for people’s health, So, leaders who shows sociability are friendly, outgoing, courteous, tactful, and diplomatic. They’re sensitive to others’ needs and show concern for their well-being. Social leaders have good interpersonal skills and create cooperative relationships with the followers and there always less stress for followers who is good at sociability. For me I am friendly, outgoing, make many friends, I always attend activities in college, I am good at sociability.Between Career & Professional Service Essay

Description of Goals

Individual self Improvement Goals

Different goals in different time, sometimes you won’t reach goals, because you don’t know how to set goals or Maybe they were never clearly defined. For many goal setting is a never ending circle that starts, stops, and beings again. And every goal has a price. It has a cost. Time. Money. Sweat. Sacrifice. You will have to “pay” for your goals in some manner. If you are not willing to make the investment, then you will not reach your goals.

Here are the steps I will clarify and create my own self-improvement plans: step 1 ,more hardworking on my MBA class, get a good GPA to apply Hospitality Management. Read more book about management, step 2,decide what you want to improve, I want to improve my self-confidence. Maybe I will get internship during the summer vacation , Get more working experience. Don’t nervous when speak in front many people. And to be a confidence leader that followers are trust in you. Step 3, find a part time job in campus ,make extra money and improve my English as soon as possible, That’s my Individual self Improvement Goals in this period.Between Career & Professional Service Essay

Team/organizational goals

Teams are organizational groups composed of members who are interdependent, who share common goals, and who must coordinate their activities to achieve their goals. An good team must have a excellent leader, he or she lead the team more successful and always take action to help the team. Leaders have to make a right decision ,so it is important to make team goals. first goal focusing, this team should have a definition goals and everyone are work on it. Second, improve self-confidence, make a right decision ,let followers trust in you. Third, get a good leadership style, a team management, work accomplishment is from committed people .interdependence through a common stake in organization purpose leads to relationship of trust and respect. So Don’t forget to concern subordinates, just encourage them , help them can keep them stress down. Last , Organization and coordination ability. Leaders should organization them, give task to followers, have a good communication with them.

According to this . I should have aware of team goal to help me to be a good leader in future.Between Career & Professional Service Essay

Tracking progress

I will do three things to tracking progress, above all, time management. write my short goal in my favorite notebook and do from today, prepare action plan. Then Set a deadline, remember the due day. Second, to do the list for everyday tasks and short team goals, that’s remind you what to do today or tomorrow. Third, support from your family, friends, and teachers. Just achieve your goals with their support , it is a good way to insist on your goals and spend a happy time.

Personal Mission Statement

To remember where I have been and where I will go through maintaining positive relationships with family and friends. To choose the ethical way by making a personal commitment to honesty and integrity. To find peacefulness within myself by looking inward while using my heart to guide my dreams and desires, and my mind to pursue knowledge, creating balance among all of my obligations. To content myself in my surroundings so I will always know where security lies within my life. To build a reputation of being dedicated to every goal I choose to pursue while having successes in both my personal and professional life. To enjoy every moment along this journey finding laughter, love, and happiness with each day that passes.Between Career & Professional Service Essay

There are four models of vocational choice and career development. The first model was created by Holland, who matched six personality types, such as investigative, social, realistic, artistic, conventional, and enterprising, with corresponding occupations or work environments. According to Holland’s theory, people with predominantly investigative personalities are likely to become scientists or detectives; social types may choose mental health or teaching; realistic people may be mechanics or electricians; artistic people become writers, artists, or musicians; conventional people go into accounting or banking; and enterprising people enter sales or management. Of course, neither people nor work environments can be described in terms of a single “pure trait; the question is which type is predominant. Holland’s theory has been influential, particularly in the development of personality inventories used in vocational guidance. But it has several important limitations. First, some jobs require a mix of traits and skills, and some people are happiest in such jobs. Second, Holland’s theory does not deal with environmental or cultural forces that limit or influence career choices. What jobs are available at a given time and place will depend in part on the physical environment and its exploitation. Socioeconomic differences, including educational opportunities, often limit vocational choice. Gender also makes a difference. Men are more likely to gravitate toward jobs involving risk and physical abilities; more women go into nurturing professions. Finally, Holland’s theory fails to explain how the choice of a career, the vital match-up between personality and work environment, occurs, or how careers develop across the adult life span. The work environment itself can be an agent of change.

Currently as Marketing major, I plan on going into the business world upon graduation. From the skills I’ve learn in college I will be prepare to jump into the marketing world, my goal is to obtain a career that I will enjoy; I would like to go become a product/brand manager. Product/Brand managers are in charge of the marketing and the development of products. Some of these products include items such as consumer products, automotive, high-tech, pharmaceutical, financial and other services. The main goal of a Product/Brand manager is to strengthening and manages the brands, because their decision affects the success of the business.

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