Human Behavior Influence   Essay Assignment Paper

Human Behavior Influence   Essay Assignment Paper

Human Behavior Influence   Essay Assignment Paper

Behavior of the human being decides the overall personality and this behavior of human are influenced by many factors like cultural, economic, and sociological. Human behavior is influenced by the most discussed effect that is the sociological effect. The most complex society of any creature on earth is of humans and it means self-preservation beyond the level of persona; physical survival is extended by us. Humans live in a very typical society in which there is bonding between the groups for the purpose of mutual and protection.Human Behavior Influence Essay Families, friendships, associations etc are included in these groups. Due to the formation of society and humans social links increases the bond between different people which is a human behavior. One of the bad behavior that every human being have is of greed and this behavior of human finishes them completely but due to society and links with different families and groups decreases the human greed of money or anything else. Due to increase of population and the urbanization, the people have started neglecting the social relationship and everyone is giving importance to the money rather than social relationship and behavior. Because of this, the rate of crime and deviant behavior of humans are found in cities. All these sociological effects have impacts on the behavior of the human beings and the social environment plays an important role in the development of the child which includes the attainment of full genetic and human potential. (Conklin, 2004)

The biological and the psychological changes occurring in the human beings are basically during time period from birth and the end of adolescence. Genetic factors are the factors which are related to the genes of the child and also refer to the changes that occur at every point in growth. Social environment plays a very important role in the development of child and a new born baby do not experience any fear to contact with any specific people but after the time period of 8-12 months there is a change in them and they start to prefer the people who are familiar and also start showing the feelings like anxiety and distress when they are separated from their family members. Social environment helps the child to understand the social rules in the period of preschool and adulthood. The time period of middle childhood have the characteristics of friendship with age mates and also the beginning of romantic love.Human Behavior Influence Essay Another social effect on the child development is of bonding between the different groups of people and the idea of maintaining social relations develops in the child which helps him/her lifelong. There are various processes which are controlled genetically and they are known as maturation. Maturation is related to the mental and the physical development of the child and a child is said to be matured when he/she becomes capable of taking their own decisions and are well aware of the things which are good or bad for them. According to the some doctors and live examples it is seen that usually maturity comes at the age of 18 and the main thing to consider here is that is maturity comes from the social environment. All the social factors like relationship in society, working in society etc, helps in the attainment of complete genetic and the potential of human. But along with social environment there are factors which are known as individual environmental that affect the social behavior of human.

There are various individual environmental factors that affect the human social behavior but the two most important environmental factors are physical environment and family environment factors.

For child the physical environment includes the school environment and this environment includes the size of school and the size of classroom. The children who are more popular and rich normally enjoy high status and the popular children have the well developed role-taking skills. There are some people who are anxious and low in self esteem withdraw their contacts and which results in the bad impact on social relations. For example the children in school or college who are very aggressive prefer the normal children as their friend. (Steen, 2001)

The most important environmental factor and the socializing institution is family.Human Behavior Influence Essay With the birth of the child the parents starts taking care of his physical circumstance well being and not only the well being but also bring them up, educate them and this prepares them to contribute to the society. Parents have also influence on the aggression of their child and control on the aggression by parents helps the society to grow very much. So these two individual environmental factors affect the human social behavior. Inheritances also play important role like the cultural inheritance have more effects in comparison to the genetic inheritance and such cultural transmittance affects the development and behavior of human beings.

There are two types of inheritances and they are cultural inheritance and the other one is genetic inheritance. The storage and communication of information, imitation and teaching refers to the cultural inheritance. The cultural inheritance is transmitted by brains where as the inheritance based on the genetic is known as genetic inheritance and these are not transmitted by brains and by genes. The genes involved in the cultural inheritance prepare the structure of brain where as in genetic inheritance all the things depends on genes. The latest stage which involves in the evolution of heredity is considered as cultural inheritance. There is a complete mechanism for the genetic inheritance and this mechanism give rise to the cultural inheritance. So cultural inheritance is better more important than the genetic because genetic behavior is permanent and there is no work of brain in this but in cultural every work is solved by brains which are transmitted by brain and this is not permanent. The cultural transmittance affects the development as it helps in setting the mind and it gives the comparison between the good and worse.Human Behavior Influence Essay The behavior of human being like greed is also removed by cultural transmittance because this type of behavior of any person is not accepted by the culture and which results in the perfect growth and development of the human beings. But the most important factor which influences the growth and development of individual is the family environment. Discussions about the nurture and nature are also necessary for the human behavior. (Lerner, 2002)

Both nature and nurture have great effects on the development of humans but here are some of the effects of nurture. Affect of nurture on the development of the individual means the factors which are environmental present around the individual which includes growing of the person and development on many levels. There are many factors included in the nurture and they are effect of family, schools, culture, media, society etc. Nurture has great effects on the development of a child and mostly on the students. The most important factor that affects greatly is the family atmosphere and the influence of family can make an individual perfect but the bad family atmosphere can ruin the life of the individual also. Most of the influences of the families are on career development of an individual which is more than the influence of school, work etc. For the college students like us who are given the great responsibility of decision making at the time of growing up and must be able to choose easily and get the job very easily. Members of the family help in making the atmosphere healthy by making it helpful and socially fit. It is because of family that that helps individuals to make social relations and helps in increasing their feelings towards everyone. As the technological resources are more with families as compared to students, family is considered for the support of the individual in career. (McCall, 2009)

According to my survey majority is in favor of the change seen in the behavior while personally experiencing the world outside. It is the view of the most of the persons who interacted with the other people that this experience changed their attitude.

Mostly the human behavior is affected by the nature of the human and a drastic change is seen in the ancient and the modern human behavior.

The most important thing to know about human is nature and its influences on growth and functioning. Nature of an individual is the only thing which can give the idea that what kind of person heshe is. For example, if a person has honest and friendly nature then heshe will get every possible help during their bad time from their friends and family members. On the other hand if the person has a greedy or selfish nature then no one will like to help him and no one will like him as a friend. Person with good nature behaves in different manner and person with bad nature behaves in other manner. (Wormer, 2010)Human Behavior Influence Essay

There are large number of differences between the ancient and the modern behaviors of humans. The modern human behavior is found in the type of language, religion, art, music, cooking etc. Due to the advancement in every field whether it is cultural, economic, political etc, the human behavior has also changed a lot. The people in the ancient times had so much social relations and they worked together in such a way that they had no selfishness and no greed of money. People in ancient times didn’t even think of harming the other’s but the modern people don’t even think about others and just think about themselves and how to make more and more money. According to the recent survey it was found that the modern people have 50% less social relations than ancient people. Modern people are harsh towards each other and they don’t even think before giving harm to anyone. From all these points we can conclude that the behavior of modern people has changed a lot in comparison to ancient people. Along with the nature evolutionary thinking also affects the behavior of humans and some other factors like socio-biological factors and psychological factors also contributes to it.

Evolutionary thinking is the thinking which is based on the change in the inherited traits of the population of human beings through the successive generations and this change is the result of interaction between the processes that brings variations in the population.Human Behavior Influence Essay One of the greatest strength of this type of thinking is that it always helps in answering ‘why’ question style in a fashion which can be scientific and non-metaphysical. Evolutionary thinking has great effects on the behavior of humans and it makes the person to take the decisions with great knowledge and matures that individual. Reflection of evolutionary thinking about health is the concept of natural healing. In this the psychological are also discussed and these factors are those factors that develops as the defense mechanisms and these factors are created when there are changes in the family environment of an individual and that includes restrictive, abusive and creating feelings of fear in the individuals. These factors have a great impact on the behavior of human like the individual who faces all these problems become lonely and makes their behavior of cheating anyone etc. Socio-biological factors are the factors that mean the biological behavior for all social behavior. These factors are the biological or generic factors and they are operative in mate selection. This factor changes the behavior of human and makes their behavior common and mature. These are the relation between the evolutionary thinking and its effect on human behavior. (Hume, 2010)Human Behavior Influence Essay

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