Psychopharmacology  Essay Assignment Paper

Psychopharmacology  Essay Assignment Paper

 Psychopharmacology  Essay Assignment Paper

Outcome:  Highlight in bold the correct answer to each question.



Highlight in bold the correct answer to each question. Save and upload the entire exam.

1) Which of the following medical conditions is not typically associated with  depression? Psychopharmacology Essay Assignment Papers.


b. Diabetes

c. Gout

d. Cushing’s Disease

2) A symptom which is found in clinical depression but not in grief is:

a. Intense sadness

b. Sleep disturbance

c. Crying

d. Loss of self-esteem

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3) Uncomplicated bereavement is best reduced by

a. Antidepressant medication

b. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

c. Mourning and the passage of time

d. Antianxiety medication

4) Some symptoms are common to all depressions, whereas others indicate a biochemical dysfunction which may be responsive to antidepressants. Which one of the following symptoms is not uniquely associated with biochemical depression?

a. Appetite Disturbance

b. Sleep disturbance

c. Reduced Libido

d. Suicidal Ideas

5) A patient on an antidepressant complains of dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, and trouble urinating. These symptoms are most likely: Psychopharmacology Essay Assignment Papers.

a. Symptoms of depression

b. Anticholinergic side effects

c. Hypochondriacal complaints

d. Due to inactivity

6) When under treatment with an MAO inhibitor, one should avoid:

a. Red meat

b. Pea Soup

c. Aged cheese

d. Jello

7) A patient is taking Prozac for depression and is not responding. His physician asks you if you think augmentation with Parnate would be a good idea. You should tell the physician:

a. This is a sensible treatment approach

b. No — this combination could be fatal

c. The combination is harmless, but probably won’t reduce depression

d. Combining these two medications will probably increase depression

8) A depressed patient has a history of sexual dysfunction, and fears that anti-depressants will make his problem worse. You would prescribe:

a. buproprion

b. desipramine

c. imipramine

d. doxepin

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9) Which one of the following is not likely to be a cause of depression?

a. Antihypertensives

b. Antibiotics

c. Antiparkinson drugs

d. Birth control pills

10) A depressed patient has been taking adequate doses of an SSRI for ten days and complains to you that she has felt no improvement. You would advise this patient: Psychopharmacology Essay Assignment Papers.

a. That she needs to stay on the medication longer before she feels Improvement

b. To ask her physician to try a new medication

c. To discontinue her medication

d. To take St. John’s Wort along with her medication

11) Medications which should be initially considered for Generalized Anxiety Disorder include:

a. benzodiazepines and SSRIs

b. buspirone and lithium

c. buspirone, Effexor, and SSRIs

d. Valium, Librium, and Xanax

12) Classes of medications typically used for treating anxiety disorders include:

a. SSRIs

b. Benzodiazepines

c. MAO inhibitors

d. All of the above

13) Stress induced insomnia is typically treated with short-term:

a. SSRIs

b. Benzodiazepines

c. MAO inhibitors

d. Neuroleptics

14) Beta blockers control which anxiety-related symptoms?

a. Sense of dread

b. Anxiety-evoking cognitions

c. Rapid heartbeat

d. Concentration difficulties

15) The two phases of treating panic disorder are:

a. Reducing panic intensity with medication or relaxation; exposure to feared situations

b. Benzodiazepine treatment; SSRI treatment

c. Immobilization; Reactivation

d. Antidepressant medication; antianxiety medication

16) Medication used for social phobia is usually:

a. MAOIs or beta blockers

b. Benzodiazepines

c. Haldol

d. Amphetamines in low doses

17) Which of the following is probably not a biochemical cause of anxiety?

a. High levels of caffeine consumption

b. Heavy use of aspirin

c. Alcohol withdrawal

d. Steroid use

18) A patient has a history of frequently engaging in risky and self-defeating behaviors which produce anxiety. The treatment of choice would be: Psychopharmacology Essay Assignment Papers.

a. Long-term benzodiazepines

b. Xanax

c. Psychotherapy

d. PRN benzodiazepines

19) Serotonin levels are increased by:

a. SSRIs

b. Benzodiazepines

c. Antipsychotic drugs

d. Desipramine

20) Medical causes of anxiety symptoms include:

a. Hyperthyroidism

b. Adrenal tumor

c. Hypoglycemia

d. Any of the above

21) A schizophrenic patient taking antipsychotic medication is extremely restless, unable to sit still. This probably is:

a. An attention deficit disorder

b. A medication side effect

c. A reaction to delusional thoughts

d. A primary symptom of psychosis

22) A patient has been on antipsychotic medication for the past ten years. He shows odd lip, tongue, and extremity movement. This is probably:

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